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Simple Pricing. Turn-Key Solution

Enrich the Quality Of Life for Residents 

Improve Occupancy and Attract Tenants

Residential Properties that have enhanced tenant experience with wellness offerings have increased values of 10-25%

 Build Community

A turn-key app that hosts events, local services and community engagement, as well as a marketplace with viral sharing features to unlock new revenue streams.

Delight Residents

We also partner with the best in class wellness providers in your area who can provide holistic wellness events & workshops at your property

Resident Benefits

  • Access to Community Events 

  • Discounted Access to Local Services or Events 

  • Improved Wellness & Life Satisfaction


  • Community Networking

  • Announcements & Notifications

  • Resident Social Meet-ups

New Revenue

  • Earn transaction fees from Resident Bookings

  • Improve On-Site Event Engagement 

  • Add Space Booking Fees