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Simple Pricing. Turn-Key Solution

Community Apps for iOS and Android

We build turn-key apps that host events, services, content, community and benefits - as well as a marketplace and viral sharing features to unlock new revenue streams.

Empowering Your Community 

When your community is Powered by TagWell, all of your members can seamlessly connect so that they can maximize their potential and increase their well-being

Empower Your Community to Thrive

Your Custom App for Communication, Access & Wellness

Benefits for Your Members:


   Seamless Bookings & Listings:

  • Events & Workshops

  • Amenities & Spaces

  • Community Services


   Create a Private Social Network:

  • In-Network Community Wall

  • Featured Community Posts

  • Community Content Sharing


   Members Get Exclusive Benefits:

  • Rewards dollars

  • Networking & communications

  •  Seamless access to events & services

Your Custom Branded App

iOS and Android Apps

Create loyalty and awareness with your custom, white-label app with your events, amenities, community and wellness services.

On-Demand Access 

Member Experience 

Inspire and connect the community through posted events, workshops and social meets posted by you or by approved members

Networking & Messaging

Network and Community 

Empower your members to communicate, network and flourish. Community wall holds features notices & services too.

Digital Access
Delight your community. Provide seamless digital access to events, workshops and wellness services.
Give people seamless access to classes and workshops and communication with instructors to succeed
Organization Networking
Private Communication
Social Wall for Community
1-on-1 & Group Messaging
Announcements & Notifications
Wellness Services
Give members access to services and events within your community with an option to access to the nearby wellness network
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Differentiate your Community with a Custom Branded Community Building & Wellness App