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Simple Pricing. Turn-Key Solution

A Custom-Branded App That Empowers Your Community 

Cutting-edge technology that adds more value to 

members, opens new funding streams 

& increases your community's level of impact

on the world

Empower Members

Empower Members to seamlessly engage with content, events, services, benefits, collaboration and networking opportunities. Members can even share their own events & services in the marketplace which unlocks new funding streams

 Raise More Funds 

A turn-key app for purpose-driven organizations that increases membership, streamlines operations, opens up new fundraising channels, and empowers members to thrive. 

Event Management

  • Seamless Event Listing & Booking

  • Free, Paid & Private Events with Notifications

  • Enable Members to Post & Manage Fundraisers & Events

  • Enable Members to Post & Manage Meet Ups

Member Experience 

  • Seamless Access to Local & Global Community Events

  • Members engage on the Local Community Wall

  • Hyper-local Custom app enables members to network better 

  • Member Satisfaction & Happiness. 

Communication & Benefits

  • Social Wall for Community

  • Announcements & Notifications

  • Private 1-on-1 & Group Messaging 

  • Event Attendees Communication 

  • Built-in member wallet loyalty program that can be applied to events or fundraising contributions 

Fundraising Opportunities

Unlock new revenue streams and see 30X ROI as each member thrives

  • Membership Fees 

  • Member Marketplace Transaction Fees

  • Sponsorships