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Simple Pricing. Turn-Key Solution

Un-Wellness Costs Employers $2 Trillion Every Year

  • $20-100K: Cost to replace an employee who has left the firm

  • $20K/year/employee: Costs from chronic health conditions

4 Of Every 5 Employees are Unhealthy 

  • 1 in 5 adults: Meet federal guidelines for exercise

  • 67% of employers: Agree poor habits inflate insurance costs

$3.27 Savings for Every $1.00 Invested in Wellness

  • $1,600/yr/employee: Lower medical costs from wellness

  • $83-$103/per employee: Per 1% reduction in health risks

34% Higher Productivity & Revenue

  • Only 1 in 6 Employees: Is engaged at work today

  • 2 - 3x: Impact of presenteeism on employee productivity

61% Of Corporations Strongly Agree

Wellness Programs Directly Impact Profitability and Employee Productivity  

Your Company's Custom Branded App for Wellness & Community Building

Each Employee Thirves

Through your branded wellness solution, each employee gains access to:

  • Premium Wellness Content 

  • Community Board for Networking 

  • Wellness Classes 

  • Workshops 

  • Coaching

Local Wellness Access & Incentives

Each Employee get access to discounted local wellness classes and services including premium wellness studios, yoga, Pilates, Barre, massage, meditation, charity runs, etc..

Employers can even customize wallet incentives fore each employee 


  • Employee wellness engagement reports can be submitted for reimbursement to health care companies. Average savings is $3 for every $1 spent on wellness programs!

  • Value on Investment: Productivity increases, Stress levels go down, health improves and happiness goes up

Foster a Culture That Allows Your Employees to Thrive

Employee Benefits
Employees Gain Access to On-site Wellness Classes, Services and Premium Wellness Content
Community Building
Build corporate culture and camaraderie! Enable employees network and engage on your custom-branded wellness app
Local Wellness
Employees gain access to discounted local premium wellness classes- Yoga, Meditation, Spa, Group Fitness
Wellness Data For Max ROI
Submit reports for healthcare reimbursement. Save $3 on every $1 spent on Wellness programs
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Custom iOS & Android Apps

Digital Access to Events & Benefits

Wellness Content & Networking 

Add-Hoc On-Site Coaching and Holistic Wellness Programs 

We unlock employee potential and productivity. We work with you to add a customized on-site wellness program with workshops, classes, coaching, and events that reduce employee stress and increase to help them reach their financial, fitness, life and well-being goals.

Transform Your Culture and Reduce Your Healthcare Costs with a Custom Branded Community Building & Wellness App