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Simple Pricing. Turn-Key Solution

Empower Your Community to Thrive

A turn-key app that hosts events, local services and community engagement - as well as a marketplace with viral sharing features to unlock new revenue streams.

Increase Occupancy & Property Value 

92% of property owners believe that amenities positively affect attracting and retaining tenants.

Commercial Properties that have enhanced tenant experience with wellness offerings have increased values of 10-25%

Your Branded App Builds Community

Empower your tenants to thrive through a cutting-edge app that enable them to network, communicate, promote their business, and access nearby services 

Delight Millennials 

& Gen X

We also partner with premium wellness providers in the area who can provide holistic wellness events & workshops at your property


Event Management

  • Seamless Event Listing & Booking

  • Free, Paid & Private Events with Notifications

  • Optional: Allow Tenants to Post Events 

Tenant Benefits

  • Access On-Site Wellness & Amenities

  • Discounted Access to Local Wellness

  • Improved Wellness & Work- Life Balance


  • Networking Benefits

  • Announcements & Notifications

  • Optional: Messaging


See 30X ROI through a range of flexible monetization options

  • Earn marketplace transaction fees of local and tenant posted services 

  • Add Space Booking Fees